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From: John Mitchell - Owner of Renew Marine Detail

Re: Protecting and Preserving Your Vehicle's Beauty and Value 365 Days a Year

Hey, did you know that the most important part of keeping your vehicle's beauty and value protected all year - especially for owners of very-expensive vehicles - is NOT waxing it a million times a year?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about waxing your vehicle, and while that is important, I’m going to share three secrets with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at having your vehicle detailed forever..

I’m John Mitchell and I am owner of Renew Marine Detail and I've helped 100's of vehicle owners enhance their vehicle's appearance to better than factory conditions as well effortlessly keep their vehicle looking freshly detailed 365 days a year without ever waxing it again..

So what is the most important part of keeping your vehicle looking freshly-detailed all year?

We use a simple 3-step formula:

Add all of this together, and you get a beyond beautiful vehicle that.. STAYS THAT WAY!

It’s not enough just to simply "wash and wax" your vehicle, because this alone isn't capable of removing the paint defects found on 99% of vehicles, especially ones bought off the showroom floor.. waxes are only able to protect your vehicle for a few weeks at best.. and you're inevitably left to break your back soaping it down in the driveway just a few weeks later..

So I’m going to share with you our simple 3-step formula and how you can effortlessly keep your vehicle looking freshly detailed 365 days a year without lifting a finger..

And I know what you’re probably thinking: what is this 3-Step Formula and why does it matter?

But again, I’m going to show you how you can keep your vehicle looking better than factory 365 days a year without waxing it 700 times..

Step 1: Paint Correction

The big idea here is 99% of vehicles come straight from the factory with paint defects, this is worsened over time by automated car washes, improper washing techniques, and exposure to the elements unprotected...

This is important because without freeing your vehicle's paint of these defect via machine polishing by a trained, professional detailer it will inevitably worsen, and you'll never have that electrifyingly glossy, showroom shine we all dream of..

An uncorrected finish will appear "less than" and will eventually deteriorate to the point of pure embarrassment!

Here is a prime example..

Results of Paint Correction..

The left-side of the hood is the un-corrected finish, and to the right is the DRASTIC difference after correction..

As you can see, having your vehicle's finish professionally corrected will significantly improve the beauty of your vehicle's paint finish..

Step 2: Ceramic Coating

The main thing to understand here is that we already established that traditional waxes only last mere weeks before vanishing into thin air.. however, modern detailing technology has brought us ceramic coatings that last YEARS (literally).

This means it is now impossible for your vehicle to ever be left to bare the elements unprotected, making it practically impervious to the common permanent, value destroying issues that 99% of vehicle owners endure.. and the gloss is unbelievable..

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating:

  • Self-Cleansing: Common contaminants such as bugs, sap, tar, and road grime effortlessly wipe right off of a ceramic coated vehicle..
  • Extreme Gloss: Ceramic coatings have significantly more depth than a traditional wax, giving your vehicle a much glossier appearance..
  • Value Preserving: Since your vehicle will be shielded and protected for years, the value of your vehicle will be substantially preserved..

PLUS: You'll never have to wax it AGAIN!

Step 3: Maintenance Detailing

In order to keep your vehicle looking fresh off the showroom floor, it must be maintained.. you wouldn't bathe once a year, same goes for the health of your vehicle..

This is key because frequently maintaining your vehicle keeps it free of filth ensuring that it's in prime condition each and every day.. it's these preventative measures that keep your vehicle at its maximum level of beauty and value..

Now, I know what you’re thinking.. It’s a brilliant formula, but how can I possibly care for my vehicle at this level?.

Well the tricky thing is that you're going to need a detailer to handle this for you.. The problem is most detailers aren't trained and certified to care for your vehicle at this level since it takes years of professional training, education, and $1000's to acquire this skill..

And so I’ve developed our..

Platinum Preservation Program

You can easily become a member of our program and have your vehicle transformed, protected, and maintained all-year-long without lifting a finger.

Your vehicle will be detailed and completely transformed into a "work-of-art," coated with a shield of armor to keep it protected at all times, and maintained to ensure its kept that way 365 days a year.. all without you having to lift a finger..

But, we didn't stop there..

As a member of our program, you will also receive:

  • Bonus #1 ) 3-Months of Maintenance FREE! $600 VALUE

  • Bonus #2 ) FREE Interior Detailing $250 VALUE

  • Bonus #3 ) FREE Interior Coating $200 VALUE

  • Bonus #4 ) FREE Ceramic Wheel Coating $300 VALUE

  • Bonus #5 ) Free Ceramic Windshield Coating $125 Value

TOTAL = $1,475 VALUE

This will allow you to:

  • Avoid the common maintenance frustrations and hassles that 99% of vehicle owners experience..

  • Eliminate destructive car-washes for good..

  • Make your vehicle the envy of the town..

  • Feel proud and enjoy your vehicle in pure bliss every time you sit behind the wheel..

  • Ensure that the super-expensive vehicle you own stays expensive..

As well as stuff your wallet!!

And I, as owner of Renew Marine Detail who has helped 100's of vehicle owners effortlessly preserve their vehicle's beauty and value.. end the headaches involved with maintaining their vehicle.. and eliminate excess expenses pertaining to their vehicle's care..

What I do is make it fast, simple, effortless, and significantly more affordable to keep your vehicle looking freshly detailing all-year-round and put its depreciation on ice...

So what I’ve done is I’ve created this amazing Platinum Preservation Program!..

Join the 100's of Vehicle Owner's Who are Effortlessly Keeping their Vehicle's Looking Freshly Detailed 365 Days a Year without Lifting a Finger!..

Click the Button Below to Request Your Insta-Quote

I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll keep this Platinum Preservation Program available and prices will probably go up because it's extremely valuable and as our program fills up, we'll be forced to significantly increase our pricing.

So click the button to get it a quote and join today while it’s still available.

We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for vehicle owners just like you who are struggling with keeping their vehicles not only clean, but properly detailed and protected all year round.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day!

- John Mitchell

CEO Renew Marine Detail

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