Our Origins Story

You may be wondering a little about how we came to be Gulf Shores's ultimate luxury detailing specialists.. And how we help our customers to effortlessly keep their boat's looking freshly detailed 365 days a year without them lifting a finger..

Let me tell you a quick story about clients of mine who were seriously struggling to make sure their brand-new, super-expensive boat's stayed that way..

At the time, they had just purchased a brand-new, very expensive boat. And, like all new boat owners, they wanted to keep their vessel looking freshly detailed 365 days a year and preserve every bit beauty and value possible..

But, they were struggling to find a way to keep their boat maintenance as simple and easy as possible without it interfering with their already very busy schedules..

And, they were quickly becoming more and more frustrated with the difficulties of doing so..

See, most detailers standard way of maintaining their client’s vessel is to keep it freshly waxed and conditioned..

And, this is what my clients were accustomed to, but the issue they kept running into was the fact that standard waxes vanish into thin air in mere weeks. And, anytime they encounter hit the water it would need to be reapplied afterwards..

Because of this, they were having to return to their detailer to completely strip their boat down and re-wax them every, single time they took the boat out..

Then the bottom fell out from under them, because the details would take several hours to complete, and they couldn’t afford to have their boat detailed every, single time they took it out..

Which meant the process of keeping their new vessel maintained was literally the opposite of easy and effortless..

As you can imagine, this was super-frustrating, because all they wanted to do was preserve the beauty and value of the boat they'd worked so hard to earn..

But, they weren't ready to just give up and just let their boat rot away.. and they began to look for a better way..

This is when they just so happened to stumble across Renew Marine Detail and gave us a call..

I introduced them to our Platinum Program and our simple 3-step detailing formula..

At that point, everything changed!

They'd finally found the solution to:

- Make their boat look better than new..

- Eliminate the possibility of their vessel ever going unprotected..

- Make it fast and simple to keep their boat looking freshly detailed 365 days a year..

Our Platinum Program and simple 3-Step detailing formula, helped to:

- Ensure that their boat would look brand-new all year long

- Preserve every bit of beauty and value possible

- Give them a feeling of ease and security knowing that not only will their boat look brand-new all year long, but they'd also be putting their vessel's depreciation on ice

Now, here we are, living the dream together of providing the ultimate program to allow Gulf Shores boat owners to effortlessly keep their vessel looking freshly detailed 365 days a year and my customers never have to worry about ensuring that their boat's beauty and value is preserved ever again.

And that's why I'm so passionate about our "Platinum Preservation Program" so you can experience the ultimate solution to effortlessly keep your boat looking freshly detailed 365 days a year and put it’s depreciation on ice too!

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